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Prague, Czech Republic

We are a Czech-based startup with a global scope of activity in the field of supply chain management; founded and driven by a group of professionals with many years of experience and passion for this industry. Our mission is to eliminate deadstock along with related wasting in retail. Moreover, we are encouraged and supported by a group of respected investors, e.g., the former CEO of General Electric International – Ferdinando Falco Beccali.

Our team has developed a unique digital platform for rebalancing non-selling and overstocked inventory between retail stores of the same merchant’s network. The service provided on SaaS principles is easily and quickly accessible worldwide bringing immediate benefits. Nowadays, our customers welcome this more than ever as the world starts to realize the complexity, fragility, and importance of the global supply chains.

We are looking for technical talent to join our development team in Prague to help us take our application and services to the next levels.

We appreciate creativity, proactivity, and self-commitment as we let you work independently while being in charge and fully responsible for a given area.

We prioritize quality over quantity; thus, we always strive to bring high-tech innovations and eliminate technological debt.

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Our Tech Stack

Back-end: .NET core
Database: Azure SQL
Front-end: Typescript, ReactJS (version 16.8+) with Function Components and Hooks API
Math: R
Integration scripts: PHP

This is a great opportunity to become a part of the new future standards in retail with significant impacts. You will become a part of a progressive and motivated team of people who love what they do and desire to go way beyond mundane standards. We have brand new offices in Prague – Karlin, and of course, we offer a lot of standard and exceptional benefits, which we will be happy to discuss with you during the interview.

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