Tool for rebalancing

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Redistribution powered by intelligent algorithms
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Rebalanced inventory

Avoid sell-out discounts

Working capital improvement

Sell instead of store

Revenue Uplift

Reduce out-of-stock lost sales

Convert dead stock into immediate cash


of redistributed inventory sold within the first two months.
Verified by customers


Reduction of unsold inventory
Resulting from increased inventory turnover


Stock-out reduction
Mitigating supplier shortages and balancing limited editions

Your challenges / Our solution


Transportation cost must be managed at an economically feasible level in relation to the total value of redistributed inventory.
The breakeven profitability for each redistribution route is flexibly defined with a set of minimum values for a single shipment.

Picking & Packing

Operational cost must be managed at an economically feasible level in relation to the total value of each picked & packed product.
The breakeven profitability for each package is flexibly defined by setting the minimum product value picked from a single position.

Business rules and limitations

We understand that each company is unique in the way that it operates, with specific business rules and limitations.
We can customise the redistribution setup to work within your specific parameters.


Some fragile or perishable products are not well-suited for redistribution due to risk of damage or spoilage.
Exception management: We can flag products prone to damage and exclude them from redistribution plans.

Get rid of dead stock!

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What sets YDISTRI apart and what is our approach?

We help you maximize the return on existing inventory that has been distributed through your current replenishment process, without the purchase of additional inventory.
Our solution brings a new level of inventory optimization to retail chains, beyond the capability of existing replenishment systems. The resulting improvements in store performance and customer satisfaction, and decrease in environmentally unfriendly waste provides a strong competitive advantage.
Our approach to sales forecasting excels where automated replenishment systems struggle – with long tail, slow moving and infrequently sold items.
We provide brick and mortar stores the capability to effectively compete with e-commerce giants, by identifying problematic stock in one location, analysing the network potential, and directing consolidated redistribution shipments elsewhere in the network. More efficient inventory allocation ensures availability across the network and allows you to carry a broader product assortment without increasing total inventory.


We tailor our solution to your specific business needs and can provide rapid implementation in couple of months. Ydistri is a Microsoft Azure-based SaaS platform that can be seamlessly incorporated into any ERP system, avoiding tedious integrations.

A few clicks to results

Quick & visual guidance from the initial settings to the desired results

Safe testing simulations

Customers can model and configure various scenarios before setting redistribution parameters

Simple visual workspaces

User-friendly interface provides a clear view of complex inventory structures and opportunities

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