Digital tool for slow moving inventory problem


Problem Slow moving inventory

  1. The hunt for high product and assortment availability usually brings the inconvenience of accumulation of slow moving stocks.
  2. These slow moving stocks are usually reduced by very expensive conventional methods like full or partial write off or significant price reduction.
  3. Slow moving inventory not only reduces profits but also wastes warehouse space that can be used for faster selling products.

Solution Components

Solution 01

Artificial intelligence algorithms, machine learning

Leveraging generic algorithms, artificial neural networks, machine learning and our team experience allows for accurate slow moving inventory reduction

Solution 02


Accuracy in redistribution brings reduction in non-salable inventory as well as overstocks, which turns into higher profits

Solution 03

Logistic module

Redistribution proposals taking into account logistics costs and rules as well as balance between logistics cost and probability of selling out

Solution 04

Based on probability forecast

The tool is based on probability forecast
and recognizes at what store
is the highest probability that the slow
moving product can be sold

Solution 05

Easy ERP integration

Easy to connect with ERP - there is no need of costly long integration

Solution 06


Shows report of redistribution actions, what if analyses of various settings as well as redistributed results


Principles 01


Customer defines criteria and system parameters for managing redistribution.

Ydistri team also suggests recommended settings based on the experience gained in various industries.

Principles 02


Ydistri can analyse millions of sales transactions, identify the potential for redistribution and stock optimization.

The balance between probability sales forecast as well logistic cost is also optimised.

Principles 03


Redistribution potential can be implemented automatically on the frequency and rules set by customer.

Mathematic core works fully automatic.

Project Results

Project 01

Profit increase

  • Thanks to significant decrease in write-offs
  • Price reductions are not necessary any more
Project 02

Inventory turnover reduction

  • Redistribution reduces inventory turnover and age structure
  • Reduction of bad stock by 60 % - 80 % in 1 month
Project 03

Quick win project

  • Project ready in days to weeks
  • Experience from various industry delivers ready
    made solutions
Project 04

Store space reduction

  • Reduction of slow moving inventory and overstocks provides warehouse space for faster moving inventory,
    thus speeding up inventory turnover in general

Recommended Sectors

Food Retail

Food retail

Retail chains



Fashion chains

Non food retail

Non food retail

Electronics, Hobby markets,
Pet stores, etc.



Retail and wholesale

Beneficial For all the company departments

Beneficial 01

Sales & Marketing department

  • Increase in sales and profits
  • No need for sales promotions
Beneficial 02

Operational & SCM department

  • Reduction in inventories
  • Additional space for fast moving inventories
  • Optimization of logistic costs
Beneficial 03

Financial department

  • Bottom line improvement
  • Cash flow positive
  • Self financing
Beneficial 04

IT department

  • Simple integration

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